Thursday, August 13, 2009

Origins of Conflict

There once was a family where one of the sons behaved very badly - he beat up another son, took his toys, and left him for dead. The parents were very angry. They spanked the first son, but not too hard. Then they kissed the second son and gave him all the toys of a third son, who had done no harm himself. The third son complained that this was very unfair, but the parents said to just look at how hurt the second son was and that they thought it would be better to give the second son all the third son's toys rather than to give him some of the first son's toys.

Who is this family? The family is the human race. The first son is Germany - Nazi Germany at the time of the crime. The second son is the Jewish people who in 1948 were given the land of the Palestinians, rather than German land, as reparation for the Nazi crimes against them. The third son is the Palestinian people; and the "parents" are Great Britain, the United States, France, and the other "Allied" countries.